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Locating vehicles via GPS

As a pioneer in the field of telematics, SkyCom has been specialising in developing professional vehicle location systems since 1994. Completion of the WinFleet geolocation service saw the launch of a very successful telematics system already used by over 12,000 vehicles across Europe for the purposes of location. You too can enjoy the benefits!

WinFleet – Geolocation at the highest level

Thanks to innovative hardware and software, geolocation with WinFleet provides an impressive variety of functions and expandability, so that all requirements of modern fleet management can be met. Both small businesses and major international companies with vast vehicle fleets can benefit from the accurate vehicle location service, which is based on GPS receivers and modems.

Reports in WinFleet – detailed and informative

The detailed vehicle location service enables numerous reports to be compiled on a vehicle’s journeys, making life easier for more than just the company dispatchers. Because WinFleet makes it possible to view the current location, location history, downtimes, routes etc. of any vehicle, live, at any time, with virtually one click. Thanks to the informative real-time data and historic information, you’ll always have access to useful documentation to further optimise vehicle usage.

In short: GPS vehicle location is an important step towards the future, and a valuable investment for businesses wanting to plan and operate efficiently in the long-term.