Over 1,000 international companies have chosen SkyCom’s fleet management system, and thus placed their trust in us. More than 12,000 vehicles are currently fitted with a SkyCom on-board computer.

Secure and reliable express and courier service: Michel Greco SA relies on WinFleet

Michel Greco SA was founded in 1987 by Michel Greco and is today a subsidiary of P&T Luxembourg. The company is Luxembourg's leader in providing express transportation of letters and parcels. The company is Luxembourg's leader

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Saving energy and being safe on the road with WinFleet and the NOVABUS by Carbon

Georges Carbon and his company Carbon G. S.à.r.l. have been an integral part of Luxembourg's public transportation network since the launch of the NOVABUS project in 2009. Today the company employs 23 people, 17 of whom are

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Transparent and quicker workflow using GPS support

Uwe Petry has been the head of his successful company "Uwe Petry - Feine Steine" in the town of Schmelz for 18 years. The master stonemason and his 20-strong team manufacture kitchen counters, stairs and window sills in their own

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Reliable transport service thanks to GPS tracking – The Simon Group relies on WinFleet

The family-owned Simon Group, founded in 1905, includes two bus companies, two garages, as well as a travel agency. Every day, more than 100 vehicles belonging to the group subsidiaries Agence de Voyages Simon SA, Voyages Koob SA

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Carbon G. S.à r.l.

Boisson Heintz S.A.

LÖFFLER S.à r.l.

Luxlait Association Agricole

Marcel Grosbusch & fils S.à r.l.

nettoservice S.A.


Rollinger Toiture S.A.

Sanichaufer S.à r.l.

Alois Omlor GmbH

Chauffage Federspiel S.à r.l.

Delvaux S.à r.l.

Felten-Stein S.A.

HEIN S.à r.l.

Julien Cajot & Cie  s. e. c. s.

Kuhn Construction S.A.

Steil Kranarbeiten GmbH & Co. KG


Voyages Simon S.A.

Peinture Phillipps S.à r.l.