WinFleet is as easy as that



1. Vehicles will be fitted with an on-board computer containing an integrated GPS/GLONASS-receiver and GSM/GPRS modem

2. The precise locations of your vehicles are calculated and sent to the SkyCom server

3. Login to our website at any time from an Internet-enabled PC or Notebook

You’ll gain an overview of the latest vehicle locations, and can retrieve routes and vehicle activities. The WinFleet app even allows you to locate your vehicles from your Smartphone when you’re on the go. The on-board computer is installed completely out of sight.


files/skycom/images/func1.jpg files/skycom/images/func2.jpg files/skycom/images/func3.JPG files/skycom/images/func4.png
1. Select your on-board computer 2. Our technicians will come to you to install the device 3. Locate your vehicles via PC ou Smartphone and analyse your data 4. Our helpdesk will gladly attend to your queries


SkyCom’s service for you

  • Complete service under one roof
  • On-board computer adapted to your needs
  • On-site installation
  • Monthly subscription including Sim card
  • Customised reporting
  • Modified and refitted when vehicle is changed


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